Hacktivists: Politically motivated hackers

A hacktivist is a person who hacks into government networks and systems to draw attention to a political or social issue, so the name “hacktivist” is a combination of the words “hacker” and “activist”. These people use hacking as a form of protest, obtaining confidential government information that is used for political or social purposes.

Motives: To shed light on an alarming social or political problem (or to make a political statement)

Who is most at risk? Government agencies

11. Elite Hackers: The most advanced hackers
Elite hackers are the cream of society in the world of cyber criminals and are considered the most skilled hackers in their field. They are often the first to discover new advanced attack methods and are known as experts and innovators in the hacking world.

Motives: Conducting the most sophisticated cyber attacks against organizations and home users

Who is most at risk? Large corporations with high turnover and profits