State-sponsored hackers: Preventing international threats

State-sponsored hackers are appointed by a country’s government to gain access to another country’s computer systems. Their information security skills are used to obtain classified information from other countries in preparation for a potential upcoming threat or attack, as well as to monitor tense situations that may pose a threat in the future. Hackers of this type are hired exclusively by government agencies.

Motives: Monitoring and prevention of international threats

Who is most at risk? International hackers and criminals

9. Malicious Insider: Informant Hackers
Malicious hackers (insiders) are people who conduct a cyber attack inside the organization in which they work. Also known as whistleblowers, their motivation for carrying out an attack can range from actions due to the personal hostility they feel towards their company and/or its management, to finding and exposing the illegal activities of this organization.

Motives: To disclose or use confidential information of the organization

Who is most at risk? Managers of different levels within the organization