Blue Hat: Authorized hackers by

Blue hat hackers are hired by organizations to check their programs or networks for errors before they are released or implemented. The role of such hackers is to find loopholes or security vulnerabilities in new software and eliminate them before it is launched.

Motives: Identify vulnerabilities in new software before its release

Who is most at risk? Criminal hackers

7. Red Hat: Hackers hired by a government agency
Hackers like red hat (red hat) are hired by government agencies to identify vulnerabilities in security systems, paying special attention to finding and neutralizing hackers like black hat. They are known to be particularly ruthless in their hunt for black hat criminals and tend to use any means possible to destroy them. As a rule, they use the same techniques (malware, viruses, other strategies for hacking machines from the inside) as black hat hackers, but only do it against the latter.